Sculptures in the public space

2022 Louvain, "Verbonden" in the chapel of Gasthuisberg
2018 Bilzen, "Trotwaarleepers" group of statues on the Klokkenplein
2016 Bierbeek, "Werkplaats" in the new city hall after the contest 'Kunst op komst' of the province of Flemish Brabant and Radio2
2014 Tienen, "Sterrenkinderen" in the monastery garden of the regional hospital H. Hart Tienen
2013 Heverlee, "Hartelijk" on the facade of the new parish house of Terbank
2013 Heverlee, "Voor Altijd Verbonden" memorial statue for the 9 victims of Heverlee in the bus accident in Sierre (CH)
2011 Louvain, "HELING-HOOP" group of statues in the H.Hart hospital
2011 Lille, "De KRAWATEN van Lille" group of statues at the town square
2010 Scherpenheuvel, "H. Damiaan" in the basilica
2009 Leuven-Heverlee, "De Engelen van de Klare bron" monument for young traffic victims
2005 Lede, Group of statues for the psychiatric hospital
2004 Laakdal, "Vulnerable", group of statues for the OCMW house Eeckhoudt
2003 Tienen, "Perseverance", 3rd statue on the market place; 1998 "Hope" and 1999 "Desire"
2002 Geel, "Hospital sisters", on the inner court of the Municipal Hospital Museum
2000 Izegem, "Back to the source", group of statues on the market-place of Kachtem
2000 Louvain, "Canal diggers", monument for 250 years canal Louvain - Mechelen
2000 Flemish Brabant, "The big transit", group of statues for the provincial domain in Kessel-Lo
1998 Louvain, clockwork-project: "Mister Jan", statue on the St Peter Church
1997 Hamme, "Freedom" on the market-place
1996 Wortegem-Petegem, "Centrifugal" for the new city hall
1995 Lochristi, "Centrifugal" in the crematorium Westlede
1991 Helmond (NL), "Tabernacle and font" in the new church
1989 Gulpen (NL), "Apostles, Christ and Mary", and "Lectern" in the church
1987 Edegem, "Pride" on the market-place



Sculptures in public collections

2012 Landegem, "Verbondenheid" at a residential center for people with an impairment - vzw Angèle Verburght
2007 Louvain, "A bit reserved" in the municipal museum 'M'
2005 Vilvoorde, "The Global Solution Provider " for AIB-Vinçotte
1998 Brussels, "Freedom and law" in the collection of the Credit Communal Belgium (Belfius)
1998 Boxtel (NL), "Look-out over the 4 winds" in St Lucas School
1993 Turnhout, "Construction" for the Chamber of Construction
1985 Brussels, "Orchestra" at the Federal Parliament (Senate)




2022 Louvain, "Damiaan Award" for KULeuven and Damiaan Today (each year since 2016)
2018 Brussels, “LEIFtime Achievement Award” for Leif doctors (each year since 2013)
2017 Louvain - Gent, "Vlerick Award" (new design) (each year since 2008)
2016 Zoersel, "Gram award" for projects in the vocational education (each year since 2009)
2012 Antwerp, "Dirk Vandersypen- Award" for journalism (each year since 2001)
2009 Brussels, Orde van Vlaamse Balies, "Balie" statue for legal career
2007 Brussels, "Randstad Award" (each year since 2003)
1997 Munich (D), "Dancing Angel" for the laureates “European union of Music Competitions for Youth”




2021 Zaandam (NL), "Co Keijzer" for 100 years transport company Albert Keijzer
2018 Brussels, Official bust of "Prime Minister Yves Leterme" in the Federal Parliament (Chamber)
2008 Vorselaar, bust of van "Cardinal van Roey" at his birthplace 'De Schrans'
2007 Lille-Gierle, monument for singer 'Louis Neefs' on the market-place
2000 Louvain, prof. dr. “Roger baron Van Overstraeten” founder of IMEC
1999 Louvain, prof. dr. “Paul Van Craesbeeck” for KULeuven
1995 Brussels, Official bust of "Prime Minister Mark Eyskens" in the Federal Parliament (Chamber)